Bperfect’s 10 seconds to tan perfection! (Tanning Mousse)

I have been busy with my college course and have not had time to keep up with my blog! Now with only dissertation to complete I am now back on track for summer! What better way to get started than to review … yet again… another fake tan product. This time by Bperfect Cosmetics.

I always hope to become dark like an Italian when I put tan on! The reality is because of my see through skin, I usually just end up looking like a normal, non-Casper, living person! But… things have changed! I finally gave into paying more than 20 Euro for a fake tan and it was so worth it. I paid a little under 25 Euro for the new mango ultra dark Bperfect Tanning Mousse.


  1. Easy to apply mousse.
  2. Smells great and after shower, I have no smell attached to it at all.
  3. So far, the wear is great. With my pale skin, some tans really show my “true colour” within days!
  1. It drys within 10 minutes, so no long wait.
  2. The colour is my favourite thing about this tan. I’m not patchy and honestly look like I spent a month in the sun. I even popped it on my face and it worked perfectly!


  1. Honestly, the only negative for me so far is the price. The student life has me on a tight budget but I have to say, after my experience, I genuinely feel it’s worth every penny.

I plan to wear it on my holidays next week so, I will report back on how Casper, the pool, sun and tan got on.


No Pro


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