Make a Cool Video for Your Small Business for Free….


I was first introduced to Biteable by a classmate. We had a project due and we were under a lot of pressure. Over one weekend, this classmate came in and blew us away with our video campaign she had created. I was so curious I started to play around with it and started using Biteable to create easy, fun and high-quality videos for social media campaigns. It’s free to sign up and use, although not everything is free so you are limited in the range of graphics you can use for your video. These are two campaigns I created using Biteable:

Swords Griffith Thunder Basketball Camp 

DB Entertainment Charity Race Night Events

So, in a few simple steps you can make some high quality, fun and most importantly free videos for your Social Media Accounts. Here’s some steps you need to take:

1. Make an Account

Sign up for a free Biteable Account here.

2. Think of Your Story

This is when brainstorming or using some story building techniques will come in handy. Last week in class we used a Morphological Matrix to build ideas for a storyboard campaign, check it out, we found it really good. To make a short video, you need to have some sort of story to the video. Think of your customers, what they want from your product or service? What are they missing? What are they loving? Without a story, your video will be clicked passed and you will see no real return on the effort you spend building it. You may need to keep revisiting the story or idea over and over to get it right.

3. Now match the visuals to your story

Now, you need to search for the right footage or graphics on biteable to match your story. Improvise if you’re finding it too hard to find the perfect thing. I was looking for a dog bed for a video last week, I had to give in and use a rug instead.

4. Put it all Together

Biteable makes it easy to add text to visuals or footage, just remember to save each clip as you proceed.

Tip 1: Is to have the writing on the video screen, as 85% of video advertisements are watched without sound according to

Tip 2: The video shouldn’t be anywhere over 1 minute, the shorter the better chance you have of connecting with the audience.

Tip 3: Get your product or service name within the first 15 seconds, so as if they do click away they will have at least seen your company name or product.

You then choose the music and wallahhh…. Biteable will have that video ready to rock in minutes.

5. Watch it over

When its ready, watch the video once or twice with your black hat on to notice those little mistakes or spellings that you may have missed while editing.

6. Get Sharing

One of the scariest things to do is to share your creation with the world, but once you do it once you’ll only get better. Yes, you will make little mistakes but you learn from each one. When you get to a point of confidence you may even consider sponsoring the video for a stronger reach.

That’s all from me, let me know how you get on if you give it a go!


I’m no pro


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