3 Stand Out Tips for all Graduates (or those in their final year)

Hi All!

So, as a new enough graduate ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐ŸŽ“ I have had the opportunity to experience the positives and the negatives of the “final year, just about to graduate life”! It’s not easy and at times can be disheartening. That said I have figured out a few things I did along the way that helped me gain more opportunities and helped my name stand out a little on the way.

1. Your Personal Site

I made my own website using Weebly.com. It took me about a day to get right and I made sure to send it to my sister, bf and pals to make sure my spelling was perfect. I included a little quirky introduction with a picture, and then added pages with my full C.V, references and examples of my work. I can tell you in all the interviews I went for after making it, my website was mentioned if not complimented. It shows your creativity and gives them a glimpse of what you have to offer. In my case, show you have the ability to market yourself. As a marketer, if I can’t market myself then am I on the wrong road? So get going, use weekly.com or wix.com!

2. Use Canva to get that Stand Out C.V

I did this really early on in my final year. I used a Canva C.V format and made my kick ass C.V. It stood out against the typical word C.V’s and was complimented a few times by recruiters. Although, getting it right on Canva.com is time consuming, it really is worth the time and effort you put in. Check mine out here http://daynabaker.weebly.com/my-cv.html

3. Business Cards

It might seem a little early but a business card has never hurt anyone. It may even seem a little old fashioned! That said, in your final year and as a graduate you will find yourself going to a lot more events. These are crucial for networking and being armed with this little add on to hand out or pin to your C.V, can be the touch that stands out. It also leaves the other party with a positive and professional memory of you. I got mine printed in Reads on Nassau Street. I did it when they had a deal on and if I remember correctly I got 100 for 12 Euro. They actual have a deal on at the moment so hop on to reads business cards. You can make it on there website really easy and mine were ready to go the following day. Mine are simple one sided cards but they did the job:
rablog.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/img_4666.jpg”> There they are, my top 3 tips for graduates. If you can find things, others are not bothered doing and you do them as a graduate, you will reap the rewards.

Do you have any? What has been your experience? Have you tried any of my suggestions?

Next Time! ๐Ÿค—



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