Summer Kiko Cosmetics Review: June 2017

So, I make it my holiday ritual to visit KiKo atleast 3 times while I am in Milan. I am only back and wanted to review 3 products I picked up on one of my visits. I love Kiko, but sometimes I am disappointed with the longevity of the products. Other times, I am blown  away by the quality, especially considering the price. Right, let’s get started:

1. Active Fluo: Neon Lipstick, 02

Well, this colour is so fab! It’s very bright but you can turn it down a notch with a paler lipstick if needed. It has a nice texture and I found it strayed on longer than the usual KIKO lipsticks.

Summer Score based on longevity and colour: 8/10

2. KIKO by Benedetta Bruzzicches: Mini Eyeshadow 

To celebrate their 20 year Anniversary, KIKO introduced a line of mini products, perfect to throw in your bag for a night out. I have an obsession for orange/bronze eyeshadows and this one didn’t let me down. The pigment was strong and the colour was perfect. Looking back, I wish I had bought all the mini items! Trip back to Milan in order.

Summer Score based on pigment and colour: 10/10

3. KIKO Less is Better: by Super Duper, 01

The less is better collection offers exactly what it’s called. The collection offers light, sweet and natural colours and because I love nude lips, I chose this one. It’s a very unusual lipstick as it drys into your lips like paint, litrally. The effect is cool at the beginning, but sadly it lasted less than 5 minutes on my lips. It cracked on them like a bad paint. Hoping the other products in this collection offer better quality!

Summer Score based on longevity and colour: 2/10 
Overall, I  love KIKO and this Summer’s 20 year celebration, mini collection is my favourite. Go Get Them All!!!

Catch you again soon.


I am not a Pro


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