The Best Beach Club in Italy

Le Palme Bagno 88/89

So, if you follow me on Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook, it’s clear I am back in ITALIA! 🇮🇹 A lot of Irish visit Italy, but most stick to short weekends in Rome, Venice, Florence or Milan. Some make it a summer Holiday,  usually near the lakes, particularly Lake Garda.

Having lived in Italy for months at a time, I have had the opportunity to travel a little. Now, the place I am going to suggest is not Italian’s favourite place at all, infact most will immediately give you a face and ask why go to the worst place in Italy? Well, that’s because there are a lot of incredible beaches with a wonderful clear blue sea, like Sardinia, Puglia and Sicily. So, ALERT: Riccione does not offer the clearest blue sea at all.

What it does offer is an amazing beach experience, a fantastic Night-life, lots to do and it’s affordable if you do it right!

The Beach: Go to Bagno Le Palme 88/89 

Bagno 88/89

Riccione’s beach is full of these “little houses” right across the beach. The idea is you join one, either through your hotel or just walk in and pay the fee. Different bagni offer the customer different things, therefore prices vary.

Le Palme Bagno 88/89 offers so much to its customers and the atmosphere and amenities are hard to beat, not forgetting to mention the super friendly and helpful staff.

Offering hot showers, a bar, a big play area for children, a kids club, a volleyball area and the use of a beach towel with every chair you rent.

There is also 2 jacuzzis and babysitting at an extra cost.

Best of all, two swimming pools that are on the beach, which can be used from 9am until 7pm as a resident of the bagno. A SWIMMING POOL ON THE BEACH!

I mean, yes the sea may not be blue but you get the absolute best of both worlds. As a couple, family or individual, this bagno in Riccione caters for EVERYONE.

The Price: A little on the pricey side, but you can email them and speak with Valentina about pricing. There are certain hotels that have deals with this bagno and pricing probably considers how long you will be there. We just stayed 2 days which cost 40 a day for 2 beds and an umbrella. A little expensive for a two week holiday but if you go in June and get a hotel on the cheaper side without a pool like Hotel Ceccarini 9, which was about 25 Euro a night, paying extra for what Le Palme offers is worth it.

How to get there? Fly from Dublin to Bologna or Milan and get a train. Book your train in advance to get great discounts on TrenItalia.

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8 thoughts on “The Best Beach Club in Italy

    1. Hey, so Riccione is actually 10 minutes away by car from Rimini. Riccione is a really nice town, especially in summer and this beach house is right beside the centre of the town. It’s all hustle and bustle during July and August, but it was pleasant when we visited in June. Still nice but not as busy so you could really enjoy all the amenities. Thanks for the interest and your comment 😉 🤗

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    2. Oh, sure, I appreciated your write up. My mother was born and raised in Florence, so we often went to Rimini or Livorno with my Italian grandmother when she was alive. I don’t remember going to Riccione, so it’s a new place to explore. You had great photos and shared good information, so thanks! Sounds like you are maybe from Dublin. I was just in Dublin, love our city. 🙂

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    3. I am indeed. I lived in Milan for two years and every summer since I was 17, so I have huge appreciation for Italia. I would have loved if I’d had an Italian parent, incredible. Well, let me know if you ever get to Riccione! Keep in touch 🙏🏼🤗

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    4. Wow, wonderful that you had the opportunity to live in Italy for 2 years. I’m still trying to make something like that happen. You must be fluent in Italian! I would visit my grandmother for summers or 3 week vacations, but had to work, so could not stay longer. I’m writing a children’s book. Did you know that every year Bologna has the Bologna International Cildren’s Book Fair? I hope to do that soon. Then I can hop over to Riccione! Prayers are right! That was cute.

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    5. My Italians good, I still wouldn’t say perfectly fluent! 😂😂 wow that’s amazing, how nice to have those memories. A children’s book, wow, I used to au-pair, teach and nanny so I love children’s books. I never heard of the festival but I will be sure to put it on a list of things to check out! 🤗🤗

      Liked by 1 person

    6. Oh, it’s not a festival. It’s a BIG convention where Publishers, Authors, Illustrators come from around the world to sign contracts, pitch their books, etc. Look it up. If you were an au-pair, you would have some GREAT ideas for children’s books. I want to do something with boy whose parents own a vineyard and he gets into trouble on the vineyard. Thinking about this… Do you know the book, “Strega Nona?” It’s an Italian folk tale for children, really cute. Strega Nona has a magic pot for cooking pasta.


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