Gradual Tan that WORKS for your Holiday!

Yes I am back again!

This time with some great news, this tan made me a bronze goddess for about 2 days before I had to reapply.

So I applied it before dinner one evening here in Italy. Headed out for dinner and wore black trousers to be safe. I was a little more adventurous with the top, opting for a denim  top I recently bought in Bershka in Dundrum. Now close your eyes, imagine Casper and now look:

Yes there is a filter but genuinely I was brown! When I woke the next morning, I went to the shower and scrubbed to make sure I’d have no surprises for the swimming pool. That day has had to be my brownest day at the pool, I have ever had. I sunbathed, swam and drank cocktails and still went home glowing a little!

If you are Casper, have patience, and air conditioning in your room: This will be your best friend!

Cons: Takes time to dry. I had to go to a few pharmacies before I found this exact bottle. If you don’t have air conditioning, forget it!

Pros: Basically, I was brown for 2 days!!!! Smells nice and best of all is cheap at under 9 Euro.

Until the next one.


I am not a Pro


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