I am not a pro but … The Best Gradual Tan for Holidays and Beyond….

Hi, I am Casper!

I have tried everything from a sunbed (great story) to millions of fake tans. I travel to Italy every year and every time I try to look just a little brown, so the Italians stop asking if I am sick!

I was a huge fan of Bbold at home but last year I stood infront of a fan for over an hour in Milan to dry, just not practical! (Shout out to Daniella for the fan)

This year I found St.Tropez in shower gradual tan, and genuinely felt my life was complete. You pop into the shower, do all the usual tasks and turn off the water. You then cover yourself in the lotion. You get back in after 3 mins and wash it off and then it’s just a waiting game. So the facts:

Pro: Smells great! Not sticky at all after which means you can do it before work and go. Quick and relitavly easy to apply. No streaks!

Cons: No colour guideline. Expensive (20 Euro a Bottle) and it did eventually come off after 2 days of the pool!

Overall, I would use it to build up my tan for on the way there, it’s light and natural looking and so much nicer to apply and let develop than anything else I have ever used. You can also keep topping it up the whole holiday as it’s all done in the shower 🚿 

Today, I am at the pool and trying out Rimmels Gradual Tan with Chia oil, which was suggested to me by Rozanna Purcell on her instagram page. (Thanks girl)

…. I’ll be back to report! Wish me luck!


I am not a pro


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