My 1st EVER Post

So, this is officially my very first blog post! Wooo! I am hoping to start a new adventure down the blogging route and planning to drag you guys with me on the journey!  Welcome to my “I am not a pro” blog!

What do I mean “I am not a pro”?

Well hats off to those who have obviously worked super hard to become a pro in something. It could be makeup, tanning or even dating! I am 100% not a pro in … anything of the sort! Which means I have to try, try and try again! I could scream and cry about the fact I have dyed my hair purple or had all my tan come off in the pool, or burnt the living daylights out of myself on a sunbed! But instead I have decided to keep trying and to share my experiences with the world. I have to go down this road of trying everything out to see what happens, saves you girls or guys having to do or make the same mistakes!

So what mistakes am I going to make?

I am thinking makeup, tan, diets and hair! Along with insights of the highs and lows of being a graduate from the job hunting, interviewing and the all too often meltdowns!

I must give you a warning! I am obsessed with Italy and everything Italian so be ready for some KiKo Milano Makeup reviews, some holiday tips and probably too many mentions about Italy and PIZZA!

Anyway, I am on holiday in Italy (I told you) right now and my results are out tomorrow for my Degree! I need to force myself to sleep as it’s 3 am and Daniel and I are off to the aquarium tomorrow!

Ciao for now ❤️


I am not a Pro


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